Watering Minds

As California rebounds from our recent drought it's still hard to imagine the many places which don't have clean drinking water readily available. Recently, Jeri Stein, our showroom representative from Jack London Kitchen & Bath, embarked on a new career path with Watering Minds which brings clean drinking water to children in the developing world.

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash

With illness as the leading cause for absences in schools, providing water in the classrooms pulled on Jeri's heart strings in a way that her passion couldn't sidestep. These statistics are beyond what the imagination can grasp.


  • 50% of students globally don't have clean water,
  • 50% of schools lack clean water for their students
  • 70% more children attend school when water is provided
  • 3rd leading cause of death in children is diarrhea
  • 6,000 children die each day from a lack of clean water


As Bay Area residents, we tend to choose the long-term most sustainable solutions as our 1st measure. The trouble is the long-term... Finding a water source, shipping the equipment and constructing a pump should be our ultimate goal but what do we do until that objective is reached? With the excessive death rate, sometimes we need to grasp the stopgap at our fingertips. 

Watering Minds provides a life sustaining solution. Right now they are delivering bottled water to over 146 schools in Haiti.

Join us in delivering water to children around the world. $5.00 provides clean water for a child for an entire school year! Click here to Donate Now