Ugly House, Chapter 4: Emotional Check-In

In every good novel there is an experience, an emotional roller coaster, that takes us through the dramatic and mundane as well as the ecstatic and chaotic. A remodeling adventure is no different. On a scale of 0-100% I've created a graph showing what our family has experienced up to this point. 

There are highs and lows during every remodeling project

There are highs and lows during every remodeling project

A few weeks ago a colleague thought he was more excited about my new home than I was. But then only a week later, a friend at church mentioned I looked happy for the first time in a long while. When I made this graph a few days later I realized my colleague was experiencing my letdown of relentless paperwork and uncertainty of waiting to close while my friend saw me a few days after we closed and received the keys to our first home! 

While other life factors cause stress and impact how we relate to the world around us, remodeling is one that is known to break relationships. I will I share our personal rollercoaster to create awareness. 

Every homeowner considering a remodel should consider the full impact on their lives. As a professional, I didn't expect the level of challenges our new home is presenting us, but I know we need to expect the unexpected in remodeling.