I always recommend meeting and getting to know the interior designer you will be working with. Ask yourself some questions during the meeting; “Does this designer actively listen to me? Do I trust them? Does working with this designer simply feel right and make sense?”. And if so, “What is the logical next step?”

We will take about an hour to review photos of your space, possible drawings and inspiration pictures that you have collected. We will discuss more deeply what is and what isn’t working. I will ask a variety of questions to help me understand your situation better so that I can design for your needs and not just your wants. Some questions may feel a little personal such as, “do you and your partner shower together?”. If you’d like we can discuss possible timing, your investment and how the design process works. When we’re done, you can decide if you want to dip your toe into the water to try a little preliminary design.

The goal of this meeting is for us to decide if we are a good match for each other. We can both say, “no, this is not a good match” and be on our separate way with no hurt feelings or we can decide, “yes, this is a good match” and we can finish filling out a small letter of agreement for schematic design and set an appointment for me to come into your home.