Click the image to view the sample schematic PDF.

Click the image to view the sample schematic PDF.

This phase is the foundation for a well-designed kitchen or bathroom. You will have invited me into your home and I will measure and photograph your current space. I often hear comments from some of my clients that they “don’t need before and after photos of their home”, but this is more than that. Photographing your space helps me to document the existing conditions so that I can be more accurate in the drawings and I can effectively communicate with your general contractor and the rest of the team.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to select your general contractor yet, I can introduce you to a couple of trusted professionals that you can meet with, as I work on your drawings over the next of week, and see if one of them should join your remodeling team.

Once I have made the necessary notes about your present space, I will begin working on drawings. I will begin by drawing your home as it is now. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it allows me to “remodel” your home dust-free on my computer before any construction begins, helping to work through any possible complications.

When I have finished the schematic designs we will have an appointment to review the existing drawings and compare them to a couple of simplified layout options. Even if you’re not “moving walls” or big items like plumbing fixtures and appliances, the photo-realistic perspectives will help you to imagine and understand your new space which will help the next steps in the design process be less overwhelming and more productive. Invite your general contractor to this meeting and we can discuss the possible cost impact and pros/cons of each design option.

At the end of the design review, we will decide if it’s sensible to take the plunge and complete the design process by signing a letter of agreement for design services or we can cordially say goodbye and you walk away with a few pages of design possibilities for your home.