Many homeowners are concerned that the size of their project is “too small”. In my mind this would be the case only if you live in a dollhouse. Kitchens, baths, closets, entertainment centers and other spaces can benefit from the expertise of a design professional no matter what the layout, size or even if “nothing” is being rearranged. There are many details that most people don't know or think about before starting, but that are necessary for a successful installation. I bring these to the surface through specification sheets, notes and drawings.

I work with homeowners who are busy professionals working long days or running their kids to multiple activities and don't have hours to spend in showrooms. They have tried working with architects and are overwhelmed when they are sent to select materials on their own or they are frustrated when they can't read their drawings or visualize their new kitchen and bath remodel. Usually they are trying to make responsible investment decisions but are secretly worried they may make choices they decide they don’t like until it is too late. 

The following scopes are separated and defined with broad strokes to help you and your family understand some of the time and process that is involved in many kitchen and bath projects.